T-shirts / Wearables

Believe it or not, all Screen Printing is not created equal.  We use only the finest inks available, and adhere to strict guidelines for ink curing, to ensure that your product remains colorful and vibrant for years.  It is commonplace in the world of contract printing to "cut" the inks with additives and to run presses and dryers at extreme high speeds, which can not only reduce print quality, but affect the durability of the ink.  

When Quality matters...choose PromoSouth!


Screens (Set-up):  $20.00 / per color

Fleece:  multiply price by 1.5

Jackets/Nylons: multiply price by 2

Flash curing:  counts as an additional color

Underbase print:  counts as an additional color

Procees/Simulated/Index:  call for pricing

Misprint allowance:  up to 2%

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